R’evolutionary Woman

        A Woman’s Journey Around



Why a Journey of Initiation? The Divine Feminine is Rising. We each have a part to play. Rites of Passage will make you stronger, help you see more clearly into woman’s development, beginning with yours. You will see your loved ones more clearly, too.

My beautiful book partners, Janis, Laura, make me stronger. Growing together, our theme – women advocates – has r’evolutionized us. This is who we were born to be. Through Nine Passages of Initiation, we initiated together and now we are here for you as loving and helpful as you need.

Every day we harvest what we gained from our journey of initiation – freedom, power, daring, clarity. We gained patience and vision, seeing how everything has its own time. Our purpose is what we do every day.

15 Minutes a day: This is a get-yourself-ready Journey. Every day, an offering to yourself, you look inward very briefly and then go about your life. Your agenda is not disturbed. This is known as deep immersion weaving through your thoughts. As the stories rise, like a dream, reminder-words get jotted down, 5 words, 10 words, whatever will anchor the memory. Your journal or digital notes begin to create something sacred. Your stories matter.

Former Initiates are here for you: More than 50 women from a Facebook Group we call Soul Sisters. Every one of us hold space for you. Sacred space, safe space.

The Women’s Map. Within this Life Spiral, the Woman’s Map of Development, you will discover many truths about yourself. As you follow our lead on this path around the Life Spiral, you will read our words, grow familiar with our stories, and soon we share the journey of discovery with each other.

Ceremonies and ritual hold us, begin to work their magic. Following the Moon and the Sun, we feel more and more comfortable in the Cosmos. We belong here.


Through every dip and exaltation, slowly, patiently moving around the Life Spiral, your many stories are revealed through immersion. Your adult eyes, your heart-mind will shine onto all of the threads that have connected your Soul to relationships in concentric rings of influence. Those influences can be people ― parents and siblings, grandparents and friends ― some closer than others, a few may be 4-leggeds, and certainly the air of space and the energetic lines of place, all these return as influencers. Gratitudes begin to build.

A cascade of benefits: I know there is something new in this Journey for me too, because 4 is a sacred number, this will be my 4th time all the way around with the seasons – 4 winds, the Earth tilts and gifts us with 4 seasons; there are 4 distinct stages of development on the Life Spiral. Your Child self, your Adolescent, the whole of your Adult self and your present or future Elder self, they are all there. This is why, I say Nine Passages Create Wholeness: Each whole life crosses all nine passages, at least!

Journeying is Fun. Following the Life Spiral is great fun, it’s also cathartic. We all recognize the journey of Heroines, of Goddesses, as holy and sacred, as loving and deeply satisfying. Initiation is the process of revealing yourself to yourself, of initiating to your Soul-self.

You will see and feel your stories with fresh eyes, a clear heart, and with renewed compassion and forgiveness for yourself.

Every Journey Begins with the First Step

Step One: Decide what the call is for you – to follow the Life Spiral because

Women’s Rites of Passage is the rarest of journey-offerings
>>you are closing in on your Elder years and the community needs your wisdom
>>or because you have little ones who will need you to be awake and aware, prepared to help them through their portals of change
>>or both, to share your stories as memoir
>>or both, because you want to be a midwife for the New Story on planet Earth
>>If you say yes to Journey, you are an evolutionary, a R’evolutionary Woman

Find your place on the Women’s Map, the Life Spiral. One or both of my books will guide you all the way through on this Journey of Initiation, beginning at Equinox and traveling through the seasons toward our destination, Soul Stories: Nine Passages of Initiation is the guide book. Place your order now, at Amazon.

If you want to become a Mentor and a Rites of Passage ceremonial leader, then Nine Passages for Women and Girls, the fieldguide for mentoring becomes the indispensable text for ceremonies. Place your order now, at Amazon.

Step Two: Use these two weeks from the New Moon, September 9 to the Full Moon on September 23 to begin to watch the Moon. Ask for the Moontime Mandala to track the 28 different versions of you. Retrieve your astrology chart, your natal birth chart, to start the Journey. A chart for you is freely offered from my teacher, Teri Starnes through an email tpstar@mninter.net She can also be found here www.starsdanceastrology.com and www.facebook.com/starsdanceastrology

Buy a new journal. I love large, blank books that offer room for the weird – to find room to express. As soon as you start writing, the old ones, the Ancestors who hold our stories, begin to move through our quiet minds. Colored pens, pencils, markers, watercolors … these are the tools of discovery.

Step Three: We will be in a portal of ceremony together for one year. At every change in Sun-sign, a Threshold will appear and you will be given space for a ceremony and time for integration. Most days this is 10 or 15 minutes to immerse yourself and check-in. Occasionally, you will want to take a walk beneath the shine of the Full Moon or relax in a warm bath on the New Moon to plump up your cells. Lying full-out on the Earth, this is another secret to recharge: Dogs and cats demonstrate this very well.

It’s very likely your journey will complete in 6 or 7 gentle months, your time of deep remembering will be over. What will Spring bring to you? This is the deep quest. As a newly Initiated Woman, most important is integration time, holy time. Called formerly, reincorporation, integration time is the time after the Journey. This is when we give thanks that the Journey is over and feel change come into us. As your Elder Mentors, we are here to hold you and listen deeply to your changes.

Assemble an Altar with items that are sacred to you. I travel with a little bag of stones. Maybe you will assemble stones that are sacred, crystals that hold a message of protection for you, smudge and incense, candles and carriers, feathers and a bowl for water. As you do this, something in your Soul awakens: Touching your sacred objects invites the archetype in you, the Mentor, the Elder, or both to step up. to choose IN with the promise to cross each Threshold in your own way.

Step Four: Ask one or kindred spirits to come with you on this Journey. You will want to invite a rock-solid friend, an older woman mentor perhaps or a grandmother to sit and listen to a few of your revelations along the Journey.

Step Five: Prepare yourself to join a community of women. Write a little bio that you will share on our Secret Closed Group Page Women’s Journey. Your introductory paragraph will shape our circle, our Sacred Circle of Nine Passage Women.

Our Gift Exchange: Once you declare yourself “IN” and decide on the gift exchange, you will be invited to join the closed and private fb group. The Gift, my heart and hand as your Elder Mentor, and yours from this sliding scale: $100 (4 payments of $25 over 9 months) to $250 (10 payments of $25 over 9 months). Choose an amount that feels good to you. You may feel the exuberance of a big yes and pay all at once, your choice.

Step Five: Prepare your calendar ahead of time. We begin as the astrological Sun moves into Libra. This is Autumnal Equinox, a natural Threshold. The Sun Signs will create Thresholds for us and the NEW and FULL Moons will be our on-line connection with each other. These will be recorded and always available for returning delight.

The Thresholds
Each Threshold a more divinely conscious ceremony than the previous one.

9.23.18 Libra, Womb Time
10.23.2018 Scorpio, Birth through Early Childhood
11.22.2018 Sagittarius, Early Childhood to Middle
12.22.2018 Capricorn, Middle Childhood to First Blood
   At this edge of Adolescence, we celebrate and incorporate all of childhood and settle  into the New Gregorian Calendar Year. Happy New Year.

1.20.2019 Aquarius, First Blood to First Flight
2.19.2019 Pisces, First Flight to Womanhood Bloom
   At your First Saturn Return, Adolescence comes to an end. We will all pause an entire month for Spring Equinox to incorporate all that has transpired in our 6-month journey.

Joyful Blessings for Spring Equinox.

3.21.2019 Aries, Womanhood Bloom to Deepening Womanhood
   A new beginning. We are truly catching-up Rites of Passages. Wholeness feels divine.
4.20.2019 Taurus, Deepening Womanhood to Elder Encore.
5.20.2019 Gemini, Elder Encore to Spiritual Elder.
6.21.2019 Cancer, Spiritual Elder to Death.
Yes, there is great value in putting our minds, together, on this one Threshold, Death. We will prepare one another, hold one another, and express our wishes to have a conscious dying process, when our time arrives. This will also prepare us to be more present for those who travel across Death’s Threshold ahead of us.

A Return and Celebration. Ask for this, help plan it. A day at the beach, a walk into the woods, sitting beneath the Tall Standing Friends. Maybe you will throw a dinner party to tell the story of your Journey. This begins incorporation for all of us.

Watching happens in another way, we will become a fine circle of women familiars, loving, forgiving, and conscious of our thoughts, our bodies, the Earth and her needs. Find your place, your true Earth-calling and put your efforts there. At the end of your Journey to yourself, you will be an Earth Guardian, an Initiated Woman, maybe even a R’evolutionary, like me.

The way “IN” is to register here. I will send you a welcome message with Paypal instructions in the return email, within 24 hours (not automated).

Welcome Dearheart. I am happy you are here.

All my love, always and all ways, Gail

A Little More of the Drumbeat

I put my Elder eyes on you now, as we contemplate taking a journey together. The planet needs us – our Great Mother Earth is the powerful force behind our mission to take a journey to initiate to ourselves. The incredible power unleashed inside of initiated women has been there all along. We are born with unimaginable Stardust, our personal Genius lives in our Soul-selves. Providing choices, left turn-right turn, Soul always has evolution in mind, even when it seems we may have taken a wrong turn. Not so fast, your judging self always wants to win. Soul has other ideas. For me, I needed to suffer to understand suffering. I needed to feel broken to understand. You are no different, as we shall see, together.

Never before has the Earth needed women to step-up, like it does now. In order to take your place as a story activist, as an outspoken teacher, as a leader, you need to take this inner journey to prepare yourself. If you can take this journey with flexible, resilient friends, full of understanding and forgiving love, all the better. Your power will be magnified, your smiles will shine through at the end. You will hold one another up through the re-membering of your stories, painful and otherwise, and this is special, you will hold one another up for celebration. My intention is to help you initiate to yourself, to liberate yourself. Together we will become a force to heal the planet.

While on this journey, everything else also happens: Caring for the children, working, agendas, relationships, cooking-eating, everything. This is known as deep immersion. Like deep ecology, deep immersion will be a Soul-track filled with Moon intentions. Once you commit, you will need to add a block for yourself, about 15 minutes daily, to check in, to answer Soul questions. I ask, you answer. As your Elder guide, I will enlist others – introduce you to women who have journeyed with me – who will help me hold a strong container to celebrate your changes. You will search for the catalysts of change, those forces that brought you, shaped you, and held you in the broad holy spaces of then to now.

I am beating the drum. Soon we will gather. Our date is September 23rd.
The Circle is forming, this is your invitation. More will be revealed …
Love in all ways, Gail



Mother Earth now needs women to be strong, political, and active.
We need to call on the Divine Feminine to rise.  Together we will heal our beautiful Earth.

With my squinty eyes, I see an intersection between our great need to heal the Earth and our great need to heal ourselves and evolve as a species. This is a tender place. All of our worldly resistances, individually and collectively, live at this intersection of self and planet. We can name the intersecting energies as the holy vessel into which every person’s stardust pours out as a Life Spiral. This vessel holds our stages of development, stories, hopes, and dreams. We each move through the seasons, through the stages of life, and discover who we are becoming and express our calling through our gifts. As we remember our stardust, the sacred substance of our Souls, we make choices to heal and grow.

I love images and visualizations. First I saw the energies of two circles, the grounded circle is Earth’s Medicine Wheel where all her Beings, those billions of critters who share this planet, enjoy the exchange of seasons between the North and the South hemispheres. I also see the slow march of geologic creation and humanity’s destruction. The hovering circle holds the Life Spiral of each human, the development stages from Birth through Childhood into Adolescence. It is known that many find shelter in youthfulness and resist the natural responsibility and accountability of Adulthood. Without maturing, the popular phrase is stuck. To be stuck is to eventually become mentally unwell. This may happen in two years or two decades. It happens. Some are lucky, it appears to be luck for those who mature with ease through Adulthood and approach Elder years with grace.

An Activist’s Story. I can write about being stuck because I was, my resistance was fear and social immaturity. Two decades of such resistance produced a great and shocking awakening. I had missed the crescendo of my youth and the early decade of my Adult years. Like this river, the beautiful Yaak of Montana, I experience a great rush like snowmelt and settled into flow as a contemplative in the dark woods. These were the years of graduate school and then care for my parents. I grew up fast. After they passed, I was a baby Elder beginning to know the stardust of my Soul. My calling is Rites of Passage, reintroducing women and girls to the Life Spiral as a holy place for ceremonies and rituals.

As this calling expands, R’evolutionary Woman emerges onto the world stage. I am here to help her know about her stardust. When she heals herself, the Divine Feminine will incarnate. Women, self first and then the girls and then the Earth. There is a great rush like snowmelt. We have a short time for all of this but we do have time. All around this beautiful Medicine Circle we call Earth, spinning at 66,000 miles an hour to bring us day and night, young girls have begun an acceleration of development. Boys too, Become the Mother who initiates her children and reveals their stardust. How can I help?