fire release



Here are some writing prompts to prepare for the full moon sacred fire release. (Becky created the video above to help a group of women prepare for an in-person fire circle in Spring of 2014.)

  • Consider what may no longer serve you in your life.  Are there ideas, actions, thoughts and stories you focus upon that expand negatively in your life? Can you think of personal examples of broken places from childhood through adolescence (actions, thoughts or behaviors) that make you feel bad or wretched, even?
  • Imagine you are outside of yourself, a witness … bystander with complete access to your personal experiences. As you consider this external you, you from afar, look at your daily patterns and witness any self-imposed distress. Are you re-creating, through story perhaps, a feeling of un-ease or dis-ease in any way?
  • Can you think of a recurrent thought pattern you experience that makes you feel bad?
  • Is there a judgment or criticism that replays in your mind prohibiting you from experiencing a deep connection with someone you love and care deeply for?
  • Have you stifled or changed anything about yourself in order to please or gain acceptance of others?
  • What (if anything) do you think or do that does not make you feel good, healthy, or happy?


For your fire ceremony, a close examination, you as witness, be honest with yourself. Two pieces of tissue paper: on one, write all that you know but no longer serves your higher good; on the other, promises you want more of to take better care of yourself. If possible, have your fire ceremony – a small fire for a small tissue paper – to acknowledge and release these self-truths. Consider capturing and saving the ashes from your fire, to perhaps put them in a small bottle or vial for a sacred reminder of this powerful work.

During our full moon circle call planned for February 17, we are invited to release and witness for each other letting go of things which no longer serves us. New to replace the old, promises rise from the ashes. We are going to take our time, now, and extra care to catch-up ceremonies and be conscious about the next Threshold, Womanhood Bloom, on Spring Equinox, 20 March 2019. Our call will be as always, 12:30 PDT on that Wednesday. It will be full of promises.

  • How could your behavior, thoughts or actions be different, improved or more empowering?
  • Who would you be, and what would your life be like if you could evolve these patterns or thoughts, if you could release or dissolve any form of self-harm or self-judgment into new patterns and thoughts that are more self accepting, more loving and fulfilling?
  • What could your new feelings or recurring thoughts to be, in place of the old?
  • What are you needing or wanting from others that you could offer yourself? What would feel divine and powerful if summoned from your own heart-mind?
  • What will you promise to do for yourself – daily, weekly, monthly – to move you forward into your initiated future?