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In the middle of a winter journey, I discover that my life work in Soul Stories and Nine Passages looks more like an introduction. I dreamed of helping women initiate, yes that’s the right word, initiate into our lives. Since my friends were mostly Elders, we began doing ceremonies through our Passages, remembered. As it turned out the remembering of each life Passage is cathartic, very healing. Women who find Soul Stories and who take a 6 or 9 or 12 months journey, alone or in small groups, form bonds like we have never experienced before. Nine Passages was a work in progress for more than a dozen years. I call it a Mentor’s Manual, I wanted to call it a Fieldguide for Mentors. I say to women who hold it in their hands, find yourself first. The Life Spiral is fantastic for imagining our lives from Birth to Death, the tiny circles between the Passage symbols, this is where Mentoring is needed. I come from the edges of the Nature Connection world, much of my life has been lived on the edge.