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Gail Burkett is an Elder, Mentor and author who advocates for girls and women, showing them the many stages of their lives. In mid-life, she found her purpose: To bring Rites of Passage back to our culture, for each girl and every woman to feel renewed, inspired, and empowered about her journey.

Through Nine Passages for Women and Girls: Ceremonies and Stories of Transformation, Gail teaches about life stages as a holy time of change, honored through ceremony and ritual. Her previous book, Soul Stories Nine Passages of Initiation, guides women through ceremonies for a reflective journey to catch-up on changes where passages occurred.

Rites of Passage ceremonies offer personal transformational for the entire Village, honoring young and old alike while evolving the deepest sense of belonging to one’s self. The markers for maturity are biologically timed and follow a natural continuum from Birth to Death. Moving through life with these rituals is evolutionary. Join the movement and offer ceremonies to your relations; Gail invites you to become an Evolutionary Woman.

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~ Gail Burkett

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