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A Beltane:: A Fire Festival

Calling Death Doulas and Midwives

It’s often hard to look inside and see change. But since it is Beltane today, May Day, let’s try. A Festival Day ― Beltane ― on the seasonal calendar the time to welcome a new fire burning inside. In this time, at the crucible of a global initiation, do not be left out of Earth’s story. Change is inevitable and Earth could use your genius to initiate her rebirth.

Beltane is the cross quarter day when the wheel of the year has turned to brighten our fire within for purification and healing. This is the essence of Passage ceremonies, after a long, arduous journey, a fire and a dance honors all that changed through the seasons. Join me in Festival today. Earth’s changes are most visible right now.

2020. Who knew? We have sprung into action as Death Doulas. Sorrow is a companion, one of the pillars of grief. We’ve each been hit with sudden death and waves of deep sadness. We are also sad about a way of life. Such rapid change has no precedent. Thousands of Souls, families, communities rocked, how can there be more? We are not meant to see the whole iceberg.

Let’s find a way through the gloom to take this pause as a spiritual assignment. Since we are Nature, we are Earth, with no separation, can we visualize this isolation as the inside of our collective cocoon? 7.7 billion Humans and countless other species together in one cocoon. Vulnerabilities exposed. See the toxic layer of greenhouse gases as the outer layer of our cocoon. We are wrapped tightly and ready to burst forth. Transformation begins in the fire as the big, fat caterpillar changes into a butterfly.

Simultaneous tasks in our Divine feminine evolution. Now see yourself as Midwive to our collective future, what can we labor over together? Our gardens will be the best they have ever been, this is the consequence of attention. What attention does Earth Mother want or need right now? How would she “like” her thinking creatures to behave?

Can you see why Earth needs her Midwives! ? Now? A new vision will be birthed in the collective. We are in the cocoon together. The best of our human spirits will create a more beautiful Earth. Can you see how we might use midwifery skills―care, tenderness, attention―as our right and responsibility? Earth is asking nicely.

When I am in deep listening mode, gratitude rises as my igniter for joy. Let’s turn on those extrasensory skills we have been given. This is a blessing time; we can re-evolve these fine sensory gifts.

Listening deeply, talking more than we ever have before: Listening and talking are two gifts evolved from the Old Ones around the central fire. Earth wants us to pay attention to her little joys like hearing the gorgeous raucous noise of birdsong and sharing the story of our joy. Listen also to the youngest generation and to our adopted relations and their joy, this is a clear message. Using an image of birth in the tender moments of labor, what wants / needs attention from the quiet of our lockdowns? What can we birth by talking?

Step up with me as a Midwife for the Earth. How can we soothe the greater dangers she asks us to see. To deeply love our place on Earth which helps define us, all that holds our stories, Earth invites attention. This human quality that makes gardens beautiful, attention to the Earth at her holy cross quarter day ― halfway between Equinox and Summer Solstice ― a Beltane fire ignited inside today, in ceremony, will serve the months ahead.

Strengthen your spirit with song and dance.
Help each other to stay well, Dearhearts!
Sending love all around the Earth,
Gail oxoxo

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