Moon Message::New Moon in Taurus

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 Earth Day
Consider how brilliant the Saturn Pluto conjunction was on January 12. Saturn is about boundaries, the little box or sphere around each of us, that holds our agendas, limits our dreams, and calls us to task. Saturn crossed over Pluto, the planet of death, birth, transformation. This conjunction simultaneously unleashed a virus to test us, settle us down at home, to quiet the busy-ness. Sure we have our own fears – of death, of sickness, it’s a time for reckoning.

Have we accepted the great gifts that have come in this human package? Very few of us give the gifts we came to give. The astrology for this year, including down the calendar into April, Earth Day has everyone’s attention.

Like icing on a cake, the New Moon arrives at 7:26 Pacific, conjuncting Sun. Moon, and Uranus, the planet of revolutionary energy. While we are in the dark of the Moon in Taurus, middle spring, ask what R’evolutionary dwells inside of you? What can we do for the Earth? She is inviting us to raise our consciousness. What is being revealed? How could we become Earth’s protectors again?

The simplest answer and the most obvious, plant everything, trees, native shrubs, wildflowers, perennials of every kind that you can care for and will respond to your care. Photosynthesis is regenerative! Become an Earth regenerator, show the Earth you care. And, plant something yummy to browse on – kale, arugula, parsley, and if you can, plant winter squash. Who can see the future? If you can reestablish your relationship with Earth like a service project, imagine how much better we will feel a year from now. We could use this time as a springboard for Earth consciousness.

Recommending a book for awakening:
All around the world, governments declared an international emergency for the Earth, but geologic time is very slow. I’ve become a fan of Christiana Figueres, something about her tone and her voice. She has raised my consciousness and I am grateful. Her podcast is very real. Imagine launching her new book with Tom Rivett-Carnoc into the sh**storm of Corona. Still it’s brilliant, The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis.

Like surprises, two scenarios are presented to us in this book: both set in 2050, one if we do nothing and the other if we hold the line on warming to 1.5° C or 2.7° F. These are the two people who engineered the Paris Agreement in 2015. They know their science, but still they took everything into account to paint the very different pictures. The “do nothing” scenario is infinitely more frightening than Covid-19 has been. Do everything we can while the Earth has her emergency, this scenario is the only one to dream about, to act on.

How the future unfolds is up to us, you+me=we. Reach out to a mentor, mentor a younger, with collaboration we can have the better scenario
Ask me, I will ask you to look carefully at this Threshold.

We are the dreamers. We are not the only ones.

Truly in love with the Moon, the Earth, and you,
Gail, Story Activist

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