Great Mother

Great Mother, will you offer a space for our stories?

Consider for just a moment the meaning of fate … individually and collectively. You / we may have been on the verge of cooperating with each other for the Earth for regeneration, for conversation about teachings floating about, beyond organic.

Behind many doors, the world has been thrown a spanner, something to stop the machine. Each one of us had our internal engines revved up at maximum torque. One holy act – stay at home – emerged as a resolution to our wrong directions.

Be careful what we ask for / pray for …

Black Throated Grey Warbler hopped from one side of the gate to the other.
When he flew I realized we had received a blessing, me an elder woman with my dog. It’s a favorite gate to the tiny dog park at the Mountain Home RV Park.

The day before Earth Day 2020, we then went to the boneyard beyond to listen and watch. Robins, Juncos, and numerous, various sparrows told the ground squirrels we were coming. Combustion engines sound off like a shadow of background noises.

In my ears, Rebecca Solnit talks about one of her old books, it becomes the top of my must read list. Probably it’s her voice I appreciate the most and the special way she enunciates slowly
quite thoughtfully, like hearing a crystal ring. I want more.

Admiring the sweet life of a ground squirrel beyond a grassy playground I wondered about the family in the hole and felt the magnetic pull of many voices. Quail, Robins, and a symphony of ground squirrels called me over to the tree.

In the middle of this small hollow of ground, below the vision line of people a cottonwood tree, a gorgeous pile of river boulders and a cut-up poplar. All the critters took me into their bosom long enough to sing to me.

Have you hear me say, your stories matter? What is there at the sweet-spot, the intersection of your heart and your head?

Come out, as far as you dare, and tell us how you’re doing this fine day.
❤️ oxoxo ❤️

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