rites of passage


Dearhearts! Sisters!

This is my personal get-ready time, here and away, back here and away again, a ceremonial rhythm you will come to love.

From the lore, the Celtic mysteries, Ash Tree, magical potency, health and prosperity, can you open to receive?

Will you find some time, live at 11am PDT or later, to watch the EVENT on 9-9-18, this Sunday, that ceremony will open our Circle.

This will be the opening, plenty of time to think, to decide, to choose, to notice your process. Look at your obstacles, are they real? Do you have 15 minutes for yourself? That’s what this Journey requires of you. The Elders will Seal the Circle at 4pm PDT September 23, there is all the time in the world to consider, to read the “Steps before a Journey.” You will have to ask for those … Look for me … I am here, lots. Filling up with love, fueling from Momma Earth, getting myself ready.

oxoxo Love, Gail

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